About Chris Manners

Chris Manners is a song-maker, singer and guitarist who’s been knocking around the folk scene for years, mainly in Yorkshire but also for appreciable times in Manchester, Oxford, London and Essex. He’s a resident with Ryburn 3 Step and the Ryburn folk club in Ripponden, and you’ll also catch him at venues around Airedale, Calderdale and Wharfedale.

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New album – Exit Pursued by a Bear

The long-time-coming third album, firmly rooted in the English folk tradition, filtered through a mash-up of other influences: Nic Jones, Spike Jones, Jake Thackray, Bruce Springsteen, and John Chibadura & The Tembo Brothers.

 Lyrically it’s a sharp but affectionate dissection of . . . well, everything, really. From Napoleon’s exile on Elba to choosing the right colour for the kitchen wall; from the decline of tradition industry to the horrors of war and the disappointments of middle age. It even includes a couple of love songs, one of them with fleas.

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Derek and Dorothy Elliott – Forgotten Favourites #11

I thought they were better known. Derek was a weekly fixture at Barnsley Folk Club in the mid 1970s, instantly recognisable: egg-bald head, flamboyant beard and whiskers. Yet when I was thinking about writing this, looking for background info, there was little trace....

Kelly Joe Phelps

Sad to learn that Kelly Joe’s died. More poignant because it was sudden and he was only 62 (same age as me, coincidentally, which makes the cold breeze blow across the back of my neck). He wasn’t a major influence for me, but I saw him play a mesmerising live show at...