About Chris Manners

Chris Manners is a song-maker, singer and guitarist who’s been knocking around the folk scene for years, mainly in Yorkshire but also for appreciable times in Manchester, Oxford, London and Essex. He’s a resident with Ryburn 3 Step and the Ryburn folk club in Ripponden, and you’ll also catch him at venues around Airedale, Calderdale and Wharfedale.

New album – Exit Pursued by a Bear

The long-time-coming third album, firmly rooted in the English folk tradition, filtered through a mash-up of other influences: Nic Jones, Spike Jones, Jake Thackray, Bruce Springsteen, and John Chibadura & The Tembo Brothers.

 Lyrically it’s a sharp but affectionate dissection of . . . well, everything, really. From Napoleon’s exile on Elba to choosing the right colour for the kitchen wall; from the decline of tradition industry to the horrors of war and the disappointments of middle age. It even includes a couple of love songs, one of them with fleas.

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